Chemical composition Polyethylene, pigments suitable for food use, foaming agent suitable for food use
Lubrication: Silicon wax preparation without solvents
Characteristics: None known
Storage: The corks should be stored away from possible contact with liquids and odours. Store at a temperature of 18-25 degrees, especially during the summer
Length of Storage: The corks are certified to maintain their integrity and lubrication for a year or more
Hot Stamping: Sharp and resistant, obtained with sophisticated printing equipment
Certification: All our products are accompanied by a certificate of non-toxicity

Vetruria is delighted to offer a vast range of synthetic corks.
Synthetic corks are produced in recyclable thermoplastic material; they are highly technical and conform to European and American laws (directive 90//CEE and successive laws and FDA directives).


The synthetic cork is not only a product which offers security for the winemaker but may also become the ultimate instrument of publicity. It is possible to add the name and logo to the cork with exceptional detail and total security of it remaining there.

gamma coloriThe colour range available is shown in the table which specify’s the many types of corks available.

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